Green Bloc Neighbourhoods

Fostering sustainability through collaboration and innovation at the neighbourhood level.

Green Bloc aims to connect like-minded folks who are interested in finding innovative, creative, and resident-focused ways to reduce their ecological footprints. This a chance to take action and do something, not only in your own home, but as part of a well-supported collective.

  • Measuring┬átheir household ecological footprint
  • Developing neighbourhood action plans, and
  • Delivering neighbourhood enhancing, and footprint-reducing, projects in their communities

    2018-2019 Green Bloc

    The two participating neighbourhoods in this year’s Green Bloc program are Hastings-Sunrise, and South Hill (Sunset)! We are looking forward to seeing the innovation and collaboration in both of these groups. See below for a map of our “graduated” Green Blocs, and our new ones.

The results are in! Our participants took our one-week Ecological Footprint Survey. The average footprint was 3.42 global hectares (gHa) per capita. The Earth has biocapacity for 1.7 gHa per person globally, but the Canadian average is 8.2 gHa per person! See infographics below.