Green Bloc Neighbourhoods

Fostering sustainability through collaboration and innovation at the neighbourhood level.

Green Bloc aims to connect like-minded folks who are interested in finding innovative, creative, and resident-focused ways to reduce their ecological footprints. This a chance to take action and do something, not only in your own home, but as part of a well-supported collective.

Green Bloc Neighbourhoods is pleased to announce the launch of our 2018-2019 Program! Two new neighbourhoods have been selected to participate in this year-long program, and will receive support from the Green Bloc Neighbourhood Project Team, including:

  • Measuring┬átheir household ecological footprint
  • Developing neighbourhood action plans, and
  • Delivering neighbourhood enhancing, and footprint-reducing, projects in their communities

2018-2019 Green Bloc

The two participating neighbourhoods in this year’s Green Bloc program are Hastings-Sunrise, and South Hill (Sunset)! We are looking forward to seeing the innovation and collaboration in both of these groups. See below for a map of our “graduated” Green Blocs, and our new ones.

These are the outcomes from the 2017-2018 Green Bloc Neighbourhood Project, including footprint data from Dunbar-Southlands, South Cambie, the West End and Kensington-Cedar Cottage.