What’s this all about, what’s in it for you?

Being a part of Green Bloc Neighbourhoods is an amazing opportunity to get to know your neighbours and folks in other neighbourhoods, as well as local businesses and organizations that are invested in reducing their ecological footprint.

By participating in Green Bloc Neighbourhoods, you will have an opportunity to learn about how you can make better choices that will have less impact on the environment, while improving your quality of life.

Green Bloc aims to connect like-minded folks who are interested in finding innovative, creative, and resident-focused ways to reduce their ecological footprints. This your chance to take action and do something, not only in your own home, but as part of a well-supported collective.

Along the way, each neighbourhood will receive hands-on support from the Green Bloc Neighbourhood Project Team, including:

  • Measuring your ecological footprint
  • Developing neighbourhood action plans, and
  • Delivering neighbourhood enhancing, and footprint-reducing, projects in your community

Each neighbourhood will receive seed funding and resources to host community workshops and build impactful and lasting community projects, all based on your neighbourhood’s needs.

Support for Green Bloc Neighbourhoods comes from Vancity, the City of Vancouver and the Sitka Foundation.

Applications for 2018-2019 Green Bloc are now closed. Stay tuned for the next round of applications by subscribing to our newsletter on the Contact Page.